WE Workshop: Strategic Storytelling

There are many challenges facing entrepreneurs and small business owners. It’s no secret the right tools and guidance can go a long way to helping achieve success. While each entrepreneur and business are different, WE International is committed to bringing resources that can help everyone.

On Thursday, May 20 at 5 PM EST, WE International is kicking off our workshop series with Strategic Storytelling for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses hosted by Laura Ferreiro.

Personal stories are an excellent resource for all entrepreneurs and small business owners. The good, the bad, and the ugly of your journey can profoundly impact others.

Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone is comfortable or willing to tell it for various reasons. A person’s own inhibitions or limitations can make them shy about opening up with their story.

Laura has created a workshop that helps people “uncover limiting beliefs that might be holding them back and preventing them from sharing their most authentic stories.” Her years as a journalist working for media outlets such as Los Angeles Times, Yahoo, Variety, Rolling Stone, LA Weekly, The Press Enterprise and Nylon helped Laura sharpen her storytelling skills.

What to expect from the Strategic Storytelling workshop?

The workshop will help you discover your most compelling stories and how to tell them in a way that captures attention. Laura will also help anyone hesitant to share their story to uncover the beliefs limiting you and holding you back.

Just like each personal story is different, so are the stories that directly impact a small business and entrepreneur. It’s imperative to uncover the stories that best reflect your business.

Laura has techniques to help you identify with your clients while also telling stories that do more than persuade people to buy from your company. Besides telling your story, Laura gives you tools to “craft key messaging.” She even helps you create pitches for media and podcasts that can open up a whole new audience for your business.

Why should you attend the Strategic Storytelling workshop?

To briefly recap, one reason you should attend the Strategic Storytelling workshop is to help hone your own storytelling skills. Another is because it will be rewarding professionally and personally.

Laura shared with WE International the reason she started storytelling workshops and created M4G Media, a boutique marketing communications agency with an emphasis on social good and storytelling.

“There’s nothing better than helping entrepreneurs uncover their most authentic brand stories and identify what might be holding them back from boldly sharing them. As a former journalist, telling stories is something that I love and find so rewarding. That a-ha moment when we uncover and articulate the driving force behind your brand and how it will resonate with your ideal customers is pure magic,” Laura said.

The Strategic Storytelling for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Workshop can help find the inner storyteller in you through an eye-opening and exciting process. Even if you don’t view yourself as a creative person, this workshop can help you.

So, sign up here for the workshop on Thursday May 20 at 5 PM EST.

The workshop won’t only be a fantastic learning experience from the talented Laura Ferreiro. It will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with other women entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Hope to see you there!


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